Source:Millennial Star:Sep 1842:as the western continent is separate from the eastern

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Millennial Star (Sep 1842): "as the western continent is separate from the eastern"

Therefore the oracles, the institutions, laws, government, ordinances and revelations in the Book of Mormon, together with the Urim and Thummim connected with it, have been perpetuated, preserved, and handed forth to this generation as entirely independent of, and separate from all the institutions and forms of the governments of the image, as the moon is separate from the earth; or rather as the western continent is separate from the eastern. They have come forth from Mount Cumorah without hands; that is, by the immediate interposition of the Almighty and his angels—so much for the oracles....

Empires might rise and flourish and pass away—thrones might crash amid the wreck of thrones, nations clash against nations, and in turn devour and be devoured, and still the western world reposed in security from all the commotions of the eastern hemisphere; its wall of waters secured it from foreign invasion, and bid defiance to their fleets and armies, and engines of war....

We might further add that in the covenants and oracles given to the Jaredites, the western continent is called a chosen land of the Lord, “choice above all others;” that it was destined by the God of heaven and held in re-[93]serve for a righteous people, a land of liberty that all nations who should dwell thereon should be free from bondage and from all other nations under heaven, if they would serve the true God; but if not, they should be destroyed when they were ripe in iniquity. No tyrannical government such as is so fearfully pourtrayed in the beasts and images of the book of Daniel should prevail, or long maintain its dominion in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” (italics in original)[1]

He introduced an account of many American antiquities together with the discoveries lately made by Mr. Stevens, that all go to prove that the American Indians were once an enlightened people and understood the arts and sciences, as the ruined cities and monuments lately discovered fully prove . . . . The Book of Mormon was not only a history of the dealings of God with the descendants of Joseph on this continent, previous to the crucifixion of our Lord, but also an account of the gospel as established among them by the personal appearance of Christ on this continent . . .[2]


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