Why it's great to be a Mormon: the benefits


It is claimed from time to time that we, as members of the Lord's church who have made covenants with him are all poor ignorant dupes, who are most likely being abused and don't know how to have a good time. However, objective studies indicate we're actually doing quite well. Specifically, according to objective studies, being a Latter-day Saint is associated on the average with better individual happiness, health, lifespan, education and likelihood of successful family relationships.


  • We tend to live a long time.
    • Washington Post Blog entry (Link)
  • Scientific studies have found that Mormon observance of the fast is associated with decreased risk of heart disease.
  • We also tend to be reasonably happy. Mormons score high on an index of well-being.
  • We don't tend to commit suicide
  • We're successful in business
  • In fact the more education we have the more likely we are to be religiously active
    • BYU Religious Studies Center (Link)
  • We were the most knowledgeable about Bible and Christianity of religious groups surveyed by Pew
  • And while in most religions women are significantly more religious than men, among the Latter-day Saints levels of religious commitment are approximately equal between men and women
  • We tend to keep our faith as adults, do a lot of volunteering and giving, be friendly to those outside of our faith, believe in heaven and think we're not the only ones there
  • We don't tend to throw as many people in jails in Utah, although it should always be realized that Utah is not all Mormon
    • prisonpolicy.org Link [1]