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Further reading

Further reading

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Word of Wisdom FairMormon articles on-line
  • Michael R. Ash, "Up In Smoke: A Response to the Tanners' Criticism of the Word of Wisdom," FAIR Conference, 2000. off-site

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  • Robert T. Divett, "Medicine and the Mormons: a Historical Perspective," Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 12 no. 3 (Autumn 1979), 16–24. off-site
  • N. Lee Smith, "Herbal Remedies: God's Medicine," Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 12 no. 3 (Autumn 1979), 37–56. off-site
  • Grant Underwood, "Early Mormon Perceptions of Contemporary America: 1830–1846," Brigham Young University Studies 26 no. 3 (Summer 1986), 49–58. (needs URL / links)
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Printed material

  • N. Lee Smith, "Why Are Mormons So Susceptible to Medical and Nutritional Quackery?" Journal of Collegium Aesculapium 1/1 (1983): 29–54.
Word of Wisdom printed materials
  • Michael Hickenbotham, Answering Challenging Mormon Questions: Replies to 130 Queries by Friends and Critics of the LDS Church (Horizon Publishers & Distributors, 1995) (now published by Cedar Fort Publisher: Springville, UT, 2004),131–133. ISBN 0882905368. ISBN 0882907786. ISBN 0882907786.