Word of Wisdom/Modern day implementation

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Modern day implementation of the Word of Wisdom

The observance of the Word of Wisdom in the modern Church

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Are we violating the Word of Wisdom if we do not eat meat sparingly?

Summary: Do Latter-day Saints not keep the Word of Wisdom by eating meat "sparingly?"

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Cola drinks and caffeine

Summary: Are cola drinks (e.g. Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper) and other drinks containing caffeine forbidden to members of the Church?

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What are "hot drinks?"

Summary: Why are "hot drinks" forbidden by the Word of Wisdom? Why do members now restrict these instructions to coffee and tea?

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Wine and alcoholic beverages

Summary: Since the Word of Wisdom teaches us to abstain from alcohol, why did Paul encourage Timothy to drink wine for the stomach?

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Accusations of hypocrisy in Church practices related to the Word of Wisdom

Summary: Some claim that the Church, as a corporate entity, controls business properties that are not consistent with its stated purposes. Examples include claims that the Church owns controlling stock in the Coca-Cola company, stock in tobacco companies and stock in alcohol companies.

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