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Source(s) of the criticism

  • "Remember, in the light of the following list, that according to Deuteronomy 18:20-22, it only takes one false prophecy to make a prophet false, just as it only takes one murder to make a person a murderer. As you read the many false prophecies of Joseph Smith, keep this Biblical teaching in mind." - Ed Decker
  • Alexander Campbell, Delusions (Boston: Benjamin H. Greene, 1832), p. 95 of original; originally published in Millennial Harbinger 2 (7 February 1831): 85–96. off-site O. Cowdery reply #1 #2 Full title
  • Tower to Truth Ministries, "50 Questions to Ask Mormons," (accessed 15 November 2007). 50 Answers
  • Watchman Fellowship, The Watchman Expositor (Page 7)