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Critical Questions. Faithful Answers.

“Defending the faith intelligently is only one kind of aid we might offer our far-flung brothers and sisters, albeit surely the most important one. ”

—Jeffery R. Holland (1988) Topical Guide

The Topical Guide is the gateway to FairMormon Answers. Simply select the topic category to see a wide range of articles responding to common criticisms related to these subjects.

CriticalBooks.png Response to Critical Books

FairMormon analyzes many of the more popular books that are critical of Mormonism and responds to them page-by-page, claim-by-claim.

JournalofDiscoursesTitle.png Online Primary Sources

FairMormon has the text of many primary sources online, including the complete electronic text of the Journal of Discourses. We also provide an index and links to other online sources, such as the Improvement Era.

LEARN MORE > Response to Critical Web Sites

Some critical web sites are designed to lead Church members into questioning their beliefs in a non-threatening manner by claiming to be run by "believing" or "active" members. FairMormon provides claim-by-claim responses to these sites.

CounterCult.png Responses to Common Criticisms

Countercult ministries love to have people ask questions about Mormons. FairMormon responds to some of the more popular lists of "questions everyone should ask Mormons."

SatelliteDish.png Response to Critical Media

FairMormon responds to misrepresentations of the Church and its doctrine in film and video.