Question: What is Book of Abraham Facsimile 2?

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Question: What is Book of Abraham Facsimile 2?

Facsimile 2 is a "hypocephalus" containing spells from the Book of the Dead, which was placed under the head of the deceased

The illustration represented by Facsimile 2 (view) is a hypocephalus, a disc made of linen, papyrus, or bronze, covered with inscriptions and images which relate to one of the last spells in the Book of the Dead. The disc was placed under the head (hypocephalus = Greek: "under the head") of the deceased in the belief that the spell would cause the head and body to be enveloped in flames or radiance, making the deceased divine. Joseph Smith's notes to Facsimile 2 identify several figures as representing God sitting in the heavens among the stars and others of his creations.

Criticisms related to Facsimile 2 are related to Joseph Smith's explanations of the individual elements.