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Videos from the 2004 FAIR Conference

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{{Video:Ash:Barney:ABCs of the Book of Abraham}}
ABCs of the Book of Abraham, Michael Ash, Kevin Barney, 2004 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Keller:2004:The Apostasy}}
The Apostasy, Roger Keller (Former Presbyterian minister), 2004 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Peterson:2004:Autobiographical notes}}
Autobiographical notes on my Testimony, Daniel C. Peterson, 2004 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Gardner:2004:The Case for Historicity}}
The Case for Historicity: Discerning the Book of Mormon's Production Culture , Brant Gardner, 2004 FAIR Conference
Video not available Empathetic Imagination: Reading Between the Lines in 'Standing On the Promises
{{Video:Anderson:2004:Witnesses of the Book of Mormon}}
Explaining Away the Book of Mormon Witnesses, Richard Lloyd Anderson , 2004 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Paulson:2004:God of Abraham}}
The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph Smith, David Paulson, 2004 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Brown:2004:Historical or Hysterical}}
Historical or Hysterical? Anti-Mormons and Documentary Sources, Matthew Brown, 2004 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Bitton:2004:Dont have testimony of history}}
I Don't Have a Testimony of the History of the Church, Davis Bitton, 2004 FAIR Conference
Video not available International Perspectives of a Black Artist in a "White" Church
{{Video:Tvedtnes:Roper:2004:King Follett Discourse}}
King Follett Discourse in the Light of Ancient Texts, John Tvedtnes (read by Matt Roper), 2004 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Radke:2004:Women in the LDS Church}}
The Place of Mormon Women: Perceptions, Prozac, Polygamy, Priesthood, Patriarchy, and Peace, Andrea Radke , 2004 FAIR Conference