Source:Szink:Further Evidence of a Semitic Alma:JBMS 8:1:The name Alma on ancient tablets at Ebla

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The name Alma has been found on ancient tablets at Ebla

Terrence L. Szink,

Among the texts of Ebla are six separate documents that contain the personal name al6-ma written eight times (on two of the tablets the name occurs twice). Originally there was some uncertainty about the reading of the cuneiform sign al6, but this has been resolved and al6 is now an accepted reading at Ebla. It is not certain whether the transactions recorded at Ebla refer to just one person named Alma, or to several. In one document Alma is identified as a merchant from Mari, a city situated on the river Euphrates. Most likely the name al6-ma at Ebla is used to identify a male, there being few female merchants at Ebla.[1]


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