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Woodruff (1880): "Joseph's First Vision. 1820"

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Woodruff (1880): "Joseph's First Vision. 1820"

Contributor, 2.2 (November, 1880): 60:


THE brethren whose names were called at the young men's conference, October 6, have received their appointments and will make arrangements to fill them at the earliest opportunity. The Territory has been divided into seven districts, and the appointments issued for two or more missionaries to each district. ... We desire the young men to take up the study of the Scriptures and Church History, and proceed systematically in their researches. We have examined the lists of subjects taken from the records, and prepared by Brother Milton H. Hardy, and recommend their adoption to the Associations. Complete lists of these subjects will appear, in their order, in the CONTRIBUTOR. We here present an extract from each, which will give you an idea of their character, and supply you with an example to speak from:


First Period, Joseph Smith: 1. Ancestry and birth of the Prophet, 1805. 2. Joseph's First Vision. 1820. ... These subjects may be presented as follows: A member should be assigned one of the subjects as: The Creation, Lehi's Vision, or Birth of Joseph; and all of the members be instructed to read that portion of the Records relating to the subjects. ... Your brethren in the Gospel,

W. Woodruff, Jos. F. Smith, Moses Thatcher. General Superintendency Y. M. M. I. A. [1]


  1. Contributor, 2.2 (November, 1880): 60