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Welcome to the FAIRwiki project homepage. This page is the central reference and resource for FAIRwiki editors.

Wiki management

Immediate needs

The following categories contain articles that need attention. Any wiki editor is invited to make the needed changes.

Wiki editors' commitment

What editors may do

As a wiki editor, you can modify, delete from, or add to any article in the wiki. If you're logged in, you'll see a series of tabs at the top of each article; click the "edit" tab and you'll see the text and formatting codes behind the article. You can also click the "edit" link next to each section to edit just the text of that section.

The idea behind the wiki is that the editors will be visiting on a regular basis to add new material and improve existing material:

  • If you see a typo, fix it.
  • If you see something that could be worded more clearly, change it.
  • If you think an existing article would be better if it had some additional information, add it.
  • If you think an article would make more sense if paragraphs were rearranged, move them.
  • If there's no article for a topic that you have information about, create it.

No one needs to approve your changes; just make them. If there's a problem with something you did, someone will be along to fix it.

You can track the articles that have been recently created or modified by using the Recent changes link at the left side of each page. That page also has an RSS feed you can set up to monitor wiki activity.

Your commitment as an editor

The wiki will only succeed as a resource if it has a group of committed editors who are actively improving it. To this end, the commitment FAIR asks of all editors is:

  • Visit the wiki at least two times each week.
  • On each visit spend a personally determined amount of time (at least 15 minutes) browsing the Table of Contents and Recent Changes pages, looking for improvements and additions you can make.
  • Do at least one thing to improve the wiki at each visit, no matter how small.

If each of our editors will make and keep this commitment, the wiki will quickly become a great resource for FAIR and members of the Church. Active collaboration is the key to that success.