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  • This page serves as either an index for or a review of claims and/or responses to attacks on LDS Church made by (or having reference to) this author's work. The inclusion of an author's work here does not imply that he or she is necessarily "anti-Mormon," or that none of his or her work(s) have value. FAIR has either noted particularly bad scholarship related to the research contained in this particular work and/or considers significant elements of this work to be "anti-Mormon" in tone or content, or this work has been used by critics to attack the Church. (Page numbers may have small letters added to them (e.g., a, b, c, etc.) to make unique labels for cross-linking within the wiki. These small letters do not refer to anything in the original book.)
  • Those who do not wish to examine the claims contained in what some would consider an "anti-Mormon" work are advised to proceed no further.

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