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Missionary responds to critic (1843): "I contend that it is North and South America both that includes the promised land to the branches of Joseph"

He says “there were ruins known to exist in Central America, (the lands he says, I said belonged to Ephraim, &c. but I contend that it is North and South America both that includes the promised land to the branches of Joseph) long before 1830, true the ruins of the city of Ottolum was known; but Stevens visited altogether 43. In a court yard in one, he found an enclosure made of stone, and inside of this enclosure was a stone covered with Hieroglyphics. See Vol. II p. 121 and 2. Read page 147, B. Mormon and see what it tells you concerning a certain stone, and the Book of Mormon was published in 1830, and this stone, and city after city, that it spoke of and described their situation, and who built them, when it came forth,—has been discovered since by Mr. Stephens for the first time, for he says “There they lay like the rock built city of Edom, unvisited, unsought for, and utterly unknown.”

I could refer the candid reader (if my limits would permit) to numerous testimonies of the kind. In Vol. II. p. 184, he gives a description of a place of sacrifice, with Idols standing near it. In B. M. p. 511, we have it recorded, that the Lamanites, took the Nephites prisoners, and sacrificed both women and children to their Idol Gods. If all this be the effect of chance, or guess work, it is guessing mighty straight, is it not Mr. W.? y-e-s. But Mr. W. says “Mr. Stephens gives it as his opinion, that there is nothing to indicate Egyptian or Hebrew origin, among these ruins.” Read again Mr. W. Vol. II. page 296 and 347, deducing Egyptian origin and concern- [17] ing the embalming room. Then read Mr. Norman’s travels in Central America in 1840, and see what he says about it, before you expose your ignorance any more....

[23] And I herewith bear my testimony unto all people, into whose hands this pamphlet may come that the Book of Mormon is true; that it has been revealed to man by the administration of angels from the courts of glory, and been translated by the gift and power of God. That it bears record of a bleeding, dying, crucified, but risen Redeemer, and contains the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as revealed by him, in person, to the ancient inhabitants of this continent, the Indians of whom are a remnant.[1]

Note that the missionary insists that all of North and South America is the "land of Joseph."


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