O Livro de Mórmon/Anacronismos/Materiais


Materials alleged to be anachronistic in the Book of Mormon


Resumo: The Nephites in the land northward built buildings out of cement in Helaman 3:7-11 (circa 47 B.C.). As author John L. Smith put the claim, "There is zero archaeological evidence that any kind of cement existed in the Americas prior to modern times."[1]In this case, however, an attack on an 'absence of evidence' backfired. Cement is not anachronistic. The Book of Mormon places it in exactly the right spot and time period for Mesoamerican use of this building material.


Resumo: Critics attack the Book of Mormon's mention of metal and metalworking in the Americas: 1) they claim no metal use occurred in the Americas prior to A.D. 900, and 2)they claim certain metals mentioned in the Book of Mormon were not available in the Americas.

Metal Plates

Resumo: Is Joseph's report of finding a record on metal plates plausible?
  1. John L. Smith, "What about those Gold Plates?" The Utah Evangel 33/6 (September 1986): 8.