Pergunta: Por que não Joseph '' dizer '' que sua família não acordar durante a visita de Moroni?



Question: Why didn't Joseph say that his family didn't wake up during Moroni's visit?

The fact that Joseph's siblings did not wake up wasn't important to Joseph's narrative.

One critical web site responds to the idea that God could keep Joseph's siblings from waking up by stating that "[t]here has never been anything recorded by Joseph Smith that the all-powerful creator used his powers to keep ten people from waking up during the night of September 21, 1823."[1]

Why should Joseph Smith have recorded this mundane fact? Even the writer of the paragraph acknowledges that most people don't even think about it. Why should Joseph Smith have thought to mention it? Joseph didn't mention if he had short or long hair in his account, but we do not assume his head was shaved bald.