Pergunta: Qual é o Modelo Heartland do Livro de Mórmon geografia



Question: What is the Heartland Model of Book of Mormon geography

This geography was originally based on a DVD presentation produced by Rodney Meldrum

Model Name Date Proposed Scope Narrow Neck Land North Land South Cumorah River Sidon Nephi's Landing Religion Type of model
Meldrum 2003 2003? LGT Niagara Peninsula Upper Canada Mississippi river system to Gulf of Mexico New York Mississippi Gulf of Mexico LDS External edit

This geography was originally based on a DVD presentation (which is in turn based on fireside presentations) produced by Rodney (Rod) Meldrum: Rodney Meldrum, DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography: New scientific support for the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon; Correlation and Verification through DNA, Prophetic, Scriptural, Historical, Climatological, Archaeological, Social, and Cultural Evidence (Rodney Meldrum, 2007), mail-order DVD. ( Index of claims ).

Other works and sources include:

  • Bruce H. Porter and Rod L. Meldrum, Prophecies and Promises: The Book of Mormon & The United States of America (Salt Lake City, UT: Digital Legend, 2009), 1–.
  • Rod Meldrum, Rediscovering the Book of Mormon Remnant through DNA (Honeoye Falls, NY: Digital Legend Press, 2009), 1–.
  • The FIRM Foundation
  • [this company was formed by Meldrum, Bruce Porter, Wayne May, and LDS Travel president Brian Mickelsen. The company was sold in 2012]. Despite being president of this group for a time, Meldrum opted to conduct his own seminars in competition with this group because of financial reasons. According to Bruce Porter:
(Meldrum) felt that he needed to pull away from that company [] because he could make more money doing it on his own. And that was a business decision that he made…. but it's what Rod does for a living, and everybody has a right to earn a living.[1]


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