Fonte:Millennial Star:2 Jul 1841:Canadá no norte, Oregon no oeste, no México, ao sul, juntamente com todas as tribos na região central e América do Sul



Millennial Star (2 Jul 1841): "Canada on the north, Oregon on the West, Mexico on the south, together with all the tribes in central and South America"

2 July 1841: Millennial Star on Amerindians

Their attention has already been called to their ancient records. Some of them have become Latter-Day Saints; it remains for them to be brought to the knowledge of their forefathers as a people, and to know their origin as Israelites, and to receive the fulness of the Gospel, as written in their own records, and obey it.

The power and spirit of God will then rest upon them, and they will constitute a standard, or rallying point, for all the other tribes which are scattered in the vast regions of Canada on the north, Oregon on the West, Mexico on the south, together with all the tribes in central and South America. These all must come into the covenant, and be gathered and consolidated in one great national compact, under the nursing care of the Gentiles,—that highly favoured government, the United States, or that portion of it which by cleaving to the righteous and holy principles of liberty, justice, mercy, and truth, will be preserved from that overthrow which awaits the wicked.

These tribes now consist of more than ten millions of souls, and are scattered over a country of more than seven thousand miles long, and two thousand broad, extending from the frozen and scarcely explored regions of Hudson’s Bay on the north, to the extremity of Cape Horn, or the southern end of South America, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific, east and west.

While these movements are proceeding with such rapidity in regard to the tribes of the Lamanites, the great valley of the Mississippi is beginning to be an asylum for the oppressed, and is rapidly filling up by emigrants from all nations.[1]


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