El Mormonismo y los profetas/Las críticas relativas a los profetas modernos

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Las críticas relativas a los profetas modernos

Las críticas relativas a los profetas modernos

Joseph Fielding Smith claimed that man would never walk on the Moon

Sumario: It is claimedthat Joseph Fielding Smith taught or "prophesied" than man would never walk on the moon. Because of this, critics insist that Pres. Smith was a false prophet, or that nothing he taught can be replied upon.

LDS prophets don't prophesy?

Sumario: Some critics say that Latter-day Saint prophets aren't really "prophets" because they don't prophesy by foretelling unknown events. They commonly issue challenges such as, "If Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet, tell me one event that he's prophesied." Do LDS prophets "prophesy"?

Prophetic inerrancy?

Sumario: Critics sometimes impose absolutist assumptions on the Church by holding inerrantist beliefs about scriptures or prophets, and assuming that the LDS have similar views. Critics therefore insist, based upon these assumptions, that any statement by any LDS Church leader represents LDS doctrine and is thus something that is secretly believed, or that should be believed, by Latter-day Saints.

El Mormonismo y los profetas

Sumario: It is claimed that General Authorities are very silent about some issues, and that the Maxwell Institute takes their place

False revelation or private matters

Sumario: Statements by leaders of the Church on the propriety of Church members teaching new doctrines, or publicizing personal revelations, dreams, visions, etc.