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¿Era Joseph Smith, Jr. una "persona de mala reputación?"

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Plantilla:Epigraph Question: Was Joseph Smith, Jr. known as a "disreputable person?" Question: Did Joseph Smith engage in "land speculation" in Nauvoo? Question: Did Joseph Smith really tell Orrin Porter Rockwell 'it was right to steal'? Source:Brigham Young:1855:JD 3:51:we know that he was an honorable man and dealt justly, we know his true character Source:B.H. Roberts:CHC 2:360-361:Joseph Smith was a man of like passions with other men; struggling with the same weaknesses; subjected to the same temptations Source:Joseph Smith:I frequently fell into many foolish errors, and displayed the weakness of youth, and the foibles of human nature Source:Joseph Smith:Letter to Oliver Cowdery:December 1834:during this time, as is common to most, or all youths, I fell into many vices and follies Source:Walker:Joseph Smith's Introduction to the Law:129-130:Under New York law, being just thirteen, Joseph's testimony about the work he had performed was admissible only after the court found him competent