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José Smith: Presuntas profecías falsas

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Question: Does Joseph Smith fail the "prophetic test" found in Deuteronomy 18? Question: Are there not supposed to be any more prophets after Christ's day? Question: Did Joseph Smith prophesy that he couldn't be killed within 5 years of August 1843? Question: Why did Joseph Smith say that David Patten would serve a mission when he was killed only six months later? Question: Did Joseph Smith state that the moon was inhabited, and that it's inhabitants were dressed like Quakers? Question: Did Joseph utter a false prophecy and show disregard for the Word of Wisdom in telling Orson Hyde that he would drink wine with him in Palestine? Question: Did Joseph Smith claim at one time that Kirtland Safety Society notes would be "as good as gold"? Question: Did Joseph Smith give a false prophecy by claiming that queens would pay respect to the Relief Society within ten years? Question: Did Joseph Smith prophesy that Jesus Christ would return in 1890? Question: Was a "forged" prophecy about Stephen A. Douglas added to the ''History of the Church''? Question: Why did Joseph prophesy that the wicked "of this generation" would be swept from the face of the land and the Lost Ten tribes would be gathered? Question: Why did Joseph Smith claim that Thomas B. Marsh, who later apostatized, would be "exalted," and that he would preach "unto the ends of the earth"? Question: Why did Joseph describe the United Order in revelation as "everlasting" and "immutable and unchangeable" until Jesus comes? Question: Did Joseph Smith prophesy that Zion, in Jackson County, Missouri, would be redeemed by September 1836? Question: Was Joseph Smith's prophecy that the Independence, Missouri temple "shall be reared in this generation" a failed prophecy?