2019 Conference Registration

The 2019 FairMormon Conference is Aug 7-9 in Provo, UT. Visit our Conference page for details. Select the day(s) you would like to attend below to purchase your tickets.

Don’t forget you can watch from your own home by purchasing Streaming (below). Even in-person attendees can purchase streaming to re-watch their favorite talks after the conference.

New Pricing Info for 2019

Thank you for your interest in the FairMormon 2019 Conference! A large part of the success of our conference is our amazing attendees and the support, insight and enthusiasm you share so willingly with us.

As you order your tickets, you’ll notice that our prices have increased slightly. We’ve fought for years to keep the prices the same but are finally at a point where we need to raise them a bit in order to better fill our mission. If ticket prices more closely reflect the actual cost of producing the conference, it will free up donated funds for other worthy efforts that have previously been out of reach. It’s our sincerest hope that this slight increase will not prevent any of you from joining us in Provo this year.

With comparable secular and religious conferences ranging in price from $200-$1,000+, we feel we’ve got a lot to offer at a very reasonable price:

Best Deal:
All Three Days – See the entire conference! Save 25% over the per-day price. $110.99
Without lunch $92.99

Great Deal:
Two Day Pass – Select any two days of the conference. Save 5% over the per-day price. $93.99
Without lunch $77.99

Good Deal:
One Day Pass – Select any one day of the conference. Enjoy a lovely, plated lunch. $48.99
Without lunch $40.99

Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member of FairMormon! Your support is appreciated!

The FairMormon 2019 Conference has great accommodations, new lunch menus, books you’ve never seen before and a fantastic lineup of speakers and topics. All that we need now is … YOU!