Wilson, Lynne Hilton

Christ’s Emancipation of Women in the New Testament


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What was day-to-day life really like for women during New Testament times? How did Christ’s teachings and example come into conflict with societal norms for women at the time? How can we make sense of some of the seemingly sexist teachings of Paul? What role did faithful women play in building up the early church?

Jesus entered a society with many deeply instilled barriers to His teachings. He shocked his audiences with declarations of His Messiahship. Equally as shocking, He appreciated and validated women, children and servants. As decisively as He cleansed the temple. Jesus attacked the cultural falsehoods that surrounded Jewish family life. He tore down false practices and notions regarding women, children and family relationships. He denounced centuries of harmful traditions that destroyed marital partnerships and led to misogyny. In order to appreciate the dramatic change that Jesus made to the role of women, this book places Jesus’ teachings in the context of Judeo-Greco-Roman family life of the day.

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