Browne, Nancy Phippen

Help Thou Mine Unbelief: Scientific, Historical, and Spiritual Evidence of God

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Nancy Phippen Browne.  2014, softbound, 6×9″, 345 pages.


Spiritually adrift by their earth-bound thinking, many people have faith that is so fragile they doubt the very existence of God.  What they often yearn for is somehting with more meat on the bone – something they can see and touch – to fertilize even the tiniest seed of faith.


From a Mormon perspective, Help Thou Mine Unbelief combines science, history, and spiritual phenomena to answer tough theological questions and affirm the reality of God.  LDS leaders and educators weigh in right alongside scholars and scientists to separate fact from fiction in this intriguing book.  The resulting clarity provides fertile ground for seeds of faith to grow and flourish for even the staunchest Doubting Thomas.

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