Mendenhall, Mark E.

Joseph and Hyrum: Leading as One (Clearance)

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Edited by: Mark E. Mendenhall, Hal B. Gregersen, Jeffrey S. O’Driscoll, Heidi S. Swinton, and Breck England.  Provo, Utah:  Religios Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2010.  Hardbound, 6″x9″, 288 pages.

What can we discover about leadership from Joseph and Hyrum as they worked together organizing and operating the Church? This book grew out of a conference of experts in leadership and Church history that explored the friendship of Joseph and Hyrum and the leadership traits of these remarkable and influential men. 

  • Explores the close friendship of Joseph and Hyrum and Hyrum’s role in providing counsel, support, and leadership.
  • Provides insights from historians and experts on leadership about how Joseph and Hyrum worked, how they led, and how they encouraged, supported, and sustained others.
  • Identifies lessons from their lives and teachings that will transform our personal perspective of leadership.
  • Includes photographs.
  • Pays tribute to Joseph and Hyrum—and challenges us to be more edifying leaders in our homes, our Church service, and our professional lives.

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