Cannon, George Q.

Life of Joseph Smith the Prophet

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George Q. Cannon.  American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, Inc., 2005. Softbound, 6×9″, 490 pages.

The life of Joseph Smith the Prophet is much more than a detailed biography of the events of Joseph Smith’s life; it’s also what Apostle George Q Cannon thought and felt about the life of Joseph Smith – a man he knew well.  The author’s passionate writing style combined with interviews from friends and associates of the Prophet and excerpts from historical documents create an insightful and compelling portrait of the first Prophet of this dispensation.

After describing the martyrdom of the Prophet, Cannon’s closing tribute to Joseph reads: “The enemies of truth were sure that they had now destroyed the work.  And yet it lives, greater and stronger after the lapse of years!  It is indestructible for it is the word of God.  And knowing that it is the eternal word of God, we know that Joseph Smith, who established it, was a Prophet holy and pure.”

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