Greenwood, Christopher R.

A Mighty Change: The Process of Going from Good to Better

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Shipped directly from the publisher.  Expect a delay in delivery.

Christopher R. Greenwood. Salt Lake City, Utah: Eborn Books, 2011. Softbound, 143 pages.

During our mortal probation, we experience adversity, temptations, and challenges as we prepare for eternity. By discussing doctrinal truths from the Book of Mormon, references from General Authorities of the LDS Church, and personal insights gained from his own life experiences, author Christopher Greenwood shows us many ways we can purify our spirits and fulfill our potential. He motivates us to search more deeply into our own hearts and desire the purifying effects of the Holy Ghost that will result in a mighty change. For those Latter-day Saints who seek transforming power in their lives, and with insights from the prophets, both ancient and modern, Brother Greenwood gently and reverently illuminates the path they should pursue.

Note from the Author:

The purpose of “A Mighty Change:  The Process of Going from Good to Better” is to provide the reader with an understanding of his or her divine nature and assist them in bringing to pass within themselves a “mighty change of heart” (Helaman 15:7) and thereby having “no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually (Mosiah 5:2).


This book reaches out to all members of the Church age 12 and up.  The lessons to be learned in this book are applicable to a broad range of readers.  Particular emphasis is placed upon my experiences while serving a mission, which will be a good motivator for those youth that might be sitting on the fence.  Adults will be able to relate to the experiences that happened to my family and I while serving as a commissioned officer for several years in the US Army.


I believe you will find this book to be of tremendous value.  It is well written, insightful, thorough, researched and unique.  You will also find it to be consistent with the standards and principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and will promote your faith and inspire you to reach higher levels of spirituality.

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