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Of Faith and Reason

Michael Ash. Springville, Utah: Cedar Fort, 2008. Softbound, 208 pages, 6″ x 9″.

In the early 1800s, many people criticized the Prophet Joseph Smith for his prophecies and revelations; today, several evidences prove that Joseph was right.

Michael Ash, a well-known LDS apologist, explains why it is useful, and perhaps even necessary, to combine reason with faith in our testimony of Joseph Smith. He reminds us that although secular evidences can’t replace a spiritual witness, they can support a testimony and provide an atmosphere where a spiritual witness can flourish.

Using scholarly journal articles and ancient Jewish and Christian writings, Ash provides evidences that show how the Book of Mormon is a true account of an ancient people, how LDS scriptures are consistent with the traditions and culture of ancient Israel, and how the doctrines of the Church accurately reflect the teachings of Christ. Ash writes clearly and simply, providing numerous resources to foster further study.

With over 80 evidences, this book is an excellent resource for those seeking more information about Joseph Smith and his works.

Shaken Faith Syndrome

Michael R. Ash, Redding, CA: Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research, 2008, 6×9″ softbound, 302 pages

In today’s Internet world, an increasing number of Latter-day Saints are encountering anti-Mormon material. In the absence of ready answers, LDS-critical claims can be unsettling or create doubt. Some arguments have caused a few members—even active members with strong testimonies—to lose their faith. Shaken Faith Syndrome explores how we can be both critical thinkers and devout believers. Misconceptions that can make us vulnerable to shaken faith are dispelled, and some of the most frequent anti-LDS claims are refuted. Shaken Faith Syndrome invites us to strengthen our testimonies and intellectual foundations as we develop a more mature appreciation for prophets and revelation as well as a greater understanding of the inherent limitations of science, history, and even the scriptures.

An online review of Shaken Faith Syndrome can be found at The Gospel Doctrine Class blog.

Note: Errata related to this title can be found on the FAIR Errata page.

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