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Sisters Abroad: Interviews from the Mormon Women Project


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Edited by Neylan McBaine.  Englewood, Colorado: Patheos Press, 2013.  Softbound, 6.5×9.5″, 137 pages.

For millennia, the woman’s story has been an intimate story, a family story, a private story told in the journals or letters or conversations of housewives and mothers, friends and sisters. The Mormon Women Project celebrates the stories of Mormon women—domestic, philosophical, action-packed, or public—in hopes that by seeing, we can more effectively be. Through stories, we can eradicate some of the loneliness that comes from identifying in ourselves things that we don’t see in others. For the women featured in this book—Mormon women who live outside of the United States—that sense of being separate or apart from others around them is particularly acute, as most of these women have parted from past lives, habits, beliefs, and even family members to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ.

With an introduction by Silvia H. Allred, former member of the general Relief Society presidency, these thirteen interviews of Mormon women from around the world illuminate common struggles, hopes, beliefs, and joys. Their choice to embrace the faith and community of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, even at great cost, inspires readers in their own commitments to live and love as Mormon women.

About the Mormon Women Project

The Mormon Women Project is a continuously expanding digital library of interviews with women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from around the world found at

Founded in January 2010 and launched with eighteen interviews, the MWP recently published its 170th interview. A team of volunteer interview producers has featured women in twenty-two countries, from ages twenty-three to ninety-eight. The MWP tells the stories of women making righteous choices in a variety of life circumstances and locations. It celebrates women who have made deliberate choices– with the help of the Spirit and personal revelation– to overcome personal trials, magnify motherhood, contribute to communities outside their homes, or be converted to the gospel.

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