Ulrich, Wendy

The Temple Experience: Passage to Healing and Holiness

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Wendy Ulrich.  Springville, Utah:  Cedar Fort, Inc., 2012.  Hardbound, 6×9.5″, 268 pages.

Today more than ever before, the blessings of the temple are available to faithful Saints around the world.  but at the same time, the ancient language of symbolism and storytelling used within the temple has been outpaced by our reliance on fast-paced technology and instant Internet answers.  Sometimes it even takes a tragedy to teach us that there’s more to our lives than what’s going on at surface level.

Learn to:

Find telltale clues in your trials.

Recognize and interpret the multiple levels of meaning in sacred temple ordinances.

Find healing and hope within the walls of the temple.

Personalize your journey back to our Father in Heaven.

This is a book for people in search of themselves, which is to be in search of the Holy.  Perfect for new and longtime temple worhipers alike, this invaluable volume will help you use the temple experience to see yourself more truthfully then seek God more trustingly.

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