Book of Revelation: Testifying of Christ (CD, Richard D. Draper)

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Richard D. Draper, American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, CD, 66 minutes.

For centuries, biblical scholars have marveled at the apocalyptic writings of John found in the Book of Revelation. However, many find the Book of Revelation to be so full of bewildering symbols and mysterious references that they don’t even try to understand it. Yet Joseph Smith said, The Book of Revelation is the plainest book that God ever caused to be written. In this informative and enlightening tape, Richard D. Draper unravels the mystery of the Book of Revelation and reveals the wealth of information it contains about the Savior, His work, and His ministry.

Drawing on his years of experience as a scholar and teacher of ancient history, Brother Draper explains the symbolism in the context of the ancient text. He says, for example, “John has a vision of a lamb with seven eyes and seven horns. We know that eyes represent intelligence; seven represents fullness or wholeness. Therefore, seven eyes represents omniscience-the Lamb is an omniscient one. Horns are power. Therefore, what we have here is the image of omnipotence. John testifies that the Lamb is omniscient and the Lamb is omnipotent.” Your testimony of the Savior will be strengthened as you join in this fascinating journey through the Book of Revelation.

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