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Sermon on the Mount in Latter-day Scripture, The


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The 39th Annual Brigham Young University Sidney B. Sperry Symposium

Gaye Strathearn, Thomas A Wayment, and Daniel L Belhap, Editors. Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University and Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2010. Hardbound, 6×9″, 352 pages.

It is easy to love those who love us, but how do we treat those with whom we have differences? How do we respond toward political adversaries, athletic rivals, unkind neighbors, insensitive friends or family members, business associates who speak evil of us, insensitive or incompetent leaders, or critic of our religious or moral beliefs? These are among the many questions answered in this thoughtful study of the Sermon on the Mount.

The Sermon on the Mount has been described as the greatest sermon ever given. It contains both timeless truths and timely advice for the challenging circumstances of our day. It is a divine call to a higher righteousness. It is an invitation to an enlightened obedience and an elevated discipleship that incorporates the spirit of the law and invites all to become better acquainted with their Lord and be partakers of the heavenly gift.

“The teachings of Jesus Christ provide profound understanding and distinct direction concerning the relationship of good and evil in God’s plan for the redemption of his children. In addition to discussing the origin of evil and its meaning from a variety of scriptural, prophetic, and scholarly sources, this paper includes an examination of the Savior’s teachings in the Sermon on the Mount concerning humankind’s response to evil.”
— Daniel K Judd (keynote speaker)

The Sermon on the Mount “has inspired and lifted millions of people throughout the globe and through the centuries, but it has special relevance to those who have come out of the world by covenant into the marvelous light of Christ.”
— Robert L. Millet

“Latter-day scripture provides windows to a deeper understanding of the Lord’s words that are recorded in Matthew chapter 5 through 7. The Book of Mormon contains a similar sermon given to the Nephites that clarifies and expands on the original. We also have other scriptures that give us additional insights.”
— Richard D. Draper

“The Psalms greatly influenced both the author of the sermon, Jesus Christ, and the sermon’s chief New Testament chronicler, Matthew.”
— Andrew C. Skinner

This book is a valuable resource for those striving to better understand the Sermon on the Mount and implement its teachings in their lives. Those followers of Jesus Christ who gain a lifelong trust in Christ and sustain an effort to keep the commandments and walk in the light will come to know their Lord and gain the prize of everlasting life.

Contributors include:

  • Daniel L. Belnap
  • Matthew L. Bowen
  • Richard D. Draper
  • Matthew J. Grey
  • Nicholas J. Frederick
  • Amy B. Hardison
  • Eric D. Huntsman
  • Daniel K. Judd
  • Frank F. Judd, Jr.
  • Jennifer C. Lane
  • David A. LeFevre
  • Jared W. Ludlow
  • Eric Marlowe
  • Robert L. Millet
  • Matthew O. Richardson
  • Andrew C. Skinner
  • Valerie Triplet-Hitoto
  • Thomas A. Wayment
  • John W. Welch

Table of Contents
1. “Resist Not Evil”: The Supreme Test of Christian Discipleship Daniel K Judd
2. The Sociocultural Context of the Sermon on the Mount Amy B. Hardison
3. Audience Astonishment at the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon at the Temple Valerie Triplet-Hitoto
4. Israel’s Ancient Psalms: Cornerstone of the Beatitudes Andrew C. Skinner
5. Salt and Light: Being in the World but Not of the World Matthew O. Richardson
6. The Six Antitheses: Attaining the Purpose of the Law Through the Teachings of Jesus Eric D. Huntsman
7. “What Therefore God Hath Joined Together, Let No Man Put Asunder”Richard D. Draper
8. “Be Ye Therefore Perfect”: The Elusive Quest for Perfection Frank F. Judd, Jr.
9. The Father in the Sermon on the Mount Jared W. Ludlow
10. The Kingdom of God: God’s Vision for Society in the Sermon on the Mount Jennifer C. Lane
11. “Beholdest Thou … the Priests and the Levites” (JST, Matthew 7:4)Matthew J. Grey
12. The Golden Rule: A Moral Searchlight Eric Marlowe
13. “By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them” Robert L. Millet
14. “Thy Will Be Done”: The Savior’s Use of the Divine Passive Matthew L. Bowen
15. “As Your Father Also Is Merciful”: The Sermon on the Plain and the Development of Mercy Nicholas J. Frederick
16. “A Wise Man Built His House upon a Rock”: The Doctrine of DiscernmentDaniel L. Belnap
17. The Sermon on the Mount in the Joseph Smith Translation David A. LeFevre
18. How New Testament Variants Contribute to the Meaning of the Sermon on the Mount Thomas A. Wayment
19. Echoes from the Sermon on the Mount John W. Welch

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