Hales, Brian C.

Trials: Understanding and Overcoming

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Brian C. Hales.  Springville, Utah:  Bonneville Books, 2002.  Softbound, 6×9″, 210 pages.
  • Readers will grow closer to the Savior through this timely and inspirational look at the everyday trials of life.
  • The book explains how lesser trials can be eliminated, and greater trials can be understood from an eternal perspective.
  • Written by the author of the popular book The Veil.

Trials, Understanding and Overcoming examines the root causes of our trials. When reduced to their most basic elements, our trials are far less threatening or frightening. By gaining a greater understanding of trials, we are empowered to minimize their negative effects in our lives.

Trials, Understanding and Overcoming explains how our trials can be classified into two separate groups. The lesser trials arise from expectations that we have acquired since birth. They can be eliminated by learning to expect less from our environment and circumstances. The greater trials arise from expectations which are built-in to our bodies at birth. When such expectations are not met, we encounter legitimate suffering. This suffering is not easily eliminated, but it can be transcended with the help of our Savior Jesus Christ and His teachings.

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