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Voices of Hope: Latter-day Saint Perspectives on Same-Gender Attraction

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Ty Mansfield, Compiler.  Salt Lake City, Utah:  Deseret Book Company, 2011.  Softbound, 6×9″, 384 pages.

An invaluable resource on the topic of same-gender attraction, this unique volume includes six plenary chapters features notable authors and gospel scholars: Brad Wilcox, M. Catherine Thomas, Camille Fronk Olson, Wendy Ulrich, Robert L. Millet, and Michael Goodman.

In addition, each chapter includes personal essays or first-person stories of faith and commitment from Latter-day Saints who have dealt with same-gender attraction.

Ty Mansfield says, “If you personally experience same-gender attraction, I hope the Spirit will impress upon you the depth of God’s love for you, that you will know you belong in His church and kingdom, and that you will know there are many who walk this journey of faith with you.”



      Introduction: “A Seal of Living Reality” 

Ty Mansfield

      1. Seeing the Big Picture Brad Wilcox
        “Arise, and Walk” Robbie Pierce
        Becoming Sarrah Reynolds
        The Gift of Hope Kirk Reidman
        A Mighty Change of Heart Rich Wyler
      2. A Gift of Love: Perspectives for Parents M. Catherine Thomas
        “Trust in the Lord” Tony Clarke
        “As I Have Loved You” Antoinette Cocco
        Love Is Always the Answer Kathleen Marsden
      3. Come Unto Me”: Exploring the Heart of Christian Discipleship Wendy Ulrich
        Learning the True Gospel: The Transforming Power of the Atonement T.S. Richards
        Being My True Self Tyler Moore
        “This Will Be for Your Growth”: A Wife’s Journey to Self-Discovery and Healing Rhonda Moses
        A Sacred Gift Blake Smith
      4. A Church for All, a Gospel of Inclusion Camille Fronk Olson
        Finding My Home in the Faith of My Fathers Steven Frei
        A Christ-Centered Gender Identity John Alden
        “They Will Be Done”: Living with HIV/AIDS in Faith and Brotherhood Kenneth Hoover
      5. Feeding the Flock of God: The Vital Role of Sensitive and Loving Priesthood Leaders Robert L. Millet
        My Shepherd Will Supply My Need Shawn McKinnon
        My Journey as a Priesthood Leader Jerry Harris
        The Atonement Can Fix That Too! Kevin Lindley
      6. Eternal Marriage: Principles, Possibilities, and PromisesMichael Goodman
        An Unlikely Gift Jason G. Lockhart
        For Time and All Eternity Katharine Matis Adams
        Resolution: The Unexpected Miracle Jeff Bennion
        Creating a Whole Marriage Tanya Bennion


      Resources Specific to Same-Gender Attraction

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