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Zion’s Trumpet CD

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2 Videos and 6 Books in PDF Format

~A 6-minute video about John S. Davis, Printer

~A 10-minute video about Dan Jones, Missionary


The Call of Zion: the Story of the First Welsh Emigration (1987)

Welsh Mormon Writing from 1844 to 1862: A Historical Bibliography (1988)

Indefatigable Veteran – History and Biography of Abel Evans (1994)

Prophet of the Jubilee – Welsh Mormon Periodical (1846-1848) – English translation and commentray (1997)

Zion’s Trumpet – 1849 Welsh Mormon Periodical – English translation and commentary (2001)

Defending the Faith – Early Welsh Missionary Publications – English translation and commentary (2003)

When twenty-three-year-old John S. Davis received baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 19 April 1846, he was employed as a typesetter by the Reverend John Jones in the village of Rhydybont, Carmarthenshire. Five months earlier, the reverend’s younger brother Dan began using the press at Rhydybont to print writings in defense of Mormonism. Through setting the type for these publications and conversing with their author, John Davis became convinced of the truthfulness of the restored gospel that Dan Jones preached.

Over the next two and a half years, Davis assisted his mentor, Captain Dan Jones, in the publication of various pamphlets, a hymnal, a 288-page scriptural commentary, and the monthly periodical Prophwyd y Jubili, of Prophet of the Jubilee. As Jones prepared to take a group of over three hundred Welsh Mormon converts to America, he appointed Davis as his successor in the printing operations of the Church and editor of the periodical Udgorn Seion, or Zion’s Trumpet.

Davis produced twelve issues of Zion’s Trumpet during 1849. Each was twenty pages in length with a four-page printed wrapper. During 1850 he increased the size of each issue to twenty-eight pages with a four-page printed wrapper. In both these volumes, Davis provided defenses of the Church’s doctrine, reports on missionary progress throughout the principality, and instructions to Church members. Their pages are also sprinkled with poetry, proverbs, and a bit of humor.

A “facsimile translation” of the 1849 volume was published in 2001 by Ronald D. Dennis, professor emeritus of Welsh at Brigham Young University. He now presents the 1850 volume, translated and edited according to the “facsimile” format previously established. Again the physical appearance of the Welsh original has been reproduced with similar typefaces and layout.

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