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Religious activity in the Palmyra area in 1820

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Source:Christofferson:The Prophet Joseph Smith:BYUI Devotional:2013:Critics have also claimed that there were no religious revivals in the Palmyra, New York, area in 1820 Question: What religious excitement was occurring in Palmyra in 1820? Question: Was there no mention of revival activity in 1820 in the newspaper? Question: At what age did Joseph Smith become concerned about religion? Question: What evidence of religious excitement is there from non-Mormon sources? Question: Were revivals and religious excitement too common to be noticed in the newspapers? Question: Did Joseph Smith simply conflate elements of the 1818 and 1824-25 revivals in his story of the First Vision? Source:Palmyra Register:28 June 1820:5 July 1820:It was far from our intention to charge the Methodists with retailing ardent spirits while professedly met for the worship of their God Source:Benajah Williams:July 1820:Had a two Days meeting at Sq Bakers in Richmond Question: Did Gordon B. Hinckley cite false information regarding an 1820 Palmyra revival in a book called Truth Restored? Malline:FMEBar