Journal of Discourses/25

Journal of Discourses
Volume 25

Journal of Discourses Volume 25




Respectfully Dedicated to the Latter-Day Saints in All the World







In presenting this TWENTY-FIFTH Volume of the Journal of Discourses to our readers, we express the hope that they may be inspired by the same spirit in perusing those discourses, that our brethren enjoyed in delivering them, and that the fruits may be seen in increased diligence and faith in the lives of the Latter-day Saints.


  1. Traveling Through the Settlements—The Necessity of the Settlements Being Visited—Revelation—Bogus Authority of Sectarian Preachers—The Claim that the Canon of Scripture is Full—The Cause of there Being No Communication With God—Visitation of the Father and Son and Holy Angels to Joseph Smith—Mahomed—The World No Idea of the Character of God—Restoration of the Knowledge of God—Angels Not Feathered Beings—No Wonder the World Has Gone Astray—Space Between Death and the Resurrection—The Reign of Satan—Joseph Smith Accomplished His Mission—Persecution—This Nation Making Joseph Smith a Prophet—No Surrendering the Kingdom of God—God Will Deliver His People—Temples—Shall Those Who Have Obeyed the Law of God be Looked Down Upon by Those Who Have Not?—Conclusion by George Q. Cannon (1-3)
  2. "Truth is Mighty and Will Prevail"—Introduction of the Principles of Eternal Truth—Fulfilment of Prophecy in Our Own Time—Principles of the Gospel Worthy of Consideration—Their Unpopularity—Peculiar Position of the Latter-Day Saints—The Kingdom of God Predicted By the Prophets—Joseph Smith—No Power Can Stay the Hand of Almighty—The Gospel of Christ is the Law of Salvation—Persecution—Polygamy—Treat Our Fellow Men Aright—Commencement of the Millennium—Warfare Between God and the Devil—Faith—the Secret of the Strength of the Saints—Responsibility of Rulers, Etc.—Responsibility of the Saints by Wilford Woodruff (4-12)
  3. Joseph Smith's Testimony Never Proven False—Primitive Organization of the Church—Work of Christ not Completed When He Said, "It is Finished"—Why Should So Much Fault Be Found With the Latter-Day Saints?—The World's Objection to "Mormonism"—History of the Apostles—Authority to Preach the Gospel Restored—Temples—Baptism for the Dead—Book of Mormon—Restoration of the Priesthood—Cause of Persecution—No Surrender—Plural Marriage by George Teasdale (13-22)
  4. Testimonies of the Servants of God—Illogical Manner in Which They Are Met—Only True Way to Obtain a Knowledge of the Gospel—Secret of the Strength of the Church of Christ—Work to Be Accomplished—Struggle Between Satan and God—Influence Brought to Bear Against the Saints by George Q. Cannon (22-28)
  5. Near Coming of Christ—Work to Be Accomplished—Temples Already Built, and Many More Yet to Be Built—Redemption of the Dead—Ezekiel's Vision—How Long Will It Take to Warn the World?—Will the Lord Delay His Coming Until All this Work is Accomplished?—Joseph Smith's Mission on Earth and Behind the Veil—Another Mission to Be Undertaken—The Resurrection of Joseph Smith Near—The Meaning of the Expression, "The Morning of the First Resurrection." by Erastus Snow (29-35)
  6. Present Revelation—Work Required of the Priesthood—Improvement Among the People—More Improvement Necessary—Faith in the Ordinances Required—Design of God in Relation to the Children of the Saints by Erastus Snow (35-39)
  7. Sincerity Alone not Sufficient—the Gathering Foretold—Inspired Writings not All Contained in the Bible—Province of the Holy Ghost—The Reformers—Confusion of Sects—Apostate Condition of the World Foretold—How the Apostles Were Sent Out—Authority Required—What the Saints Should Do—Opposition to the Gospel, Ancient and Modern—Testimony by Charles W. Penrose (39-50)
  8. Desirable Condition of the Saints—Characteristics of Prophets the Governing Power of God in Human Affairs—Man's Ingratitude Toward God—The Enlightening Power of God's Spirit—Man's Origin, Probation and Destiny—A Base Conception of the Object of Life—The Savior's Noble Example—The Source of True Happiness—Great Truths Revealed Through Joseph Smith—Eternal Associations and Destiny of the Saints—How to Attain to a Knowledge of the Things of Eternity by Joseph F. Smith (51-60)
  9. Necessity of Faith—The Holy Ghost—Importance of the Sacrament—Warfare Between God and the Power of Evil—A True Latter-Day Saint Cannot Be Converted—Knowledge of the Truth Can Only Be Received From God—None Will Suffer As Christ Suffered—God Overrules All Things for the Good of His People—The Organization of the Church of God is Perfect—Proper Training of the Children of the Saints by Francis M. Lyman (60-68)
  10. Work of God the Same in All Ages—the Millennium—Christ the Prophet of Whom Moses Spake—What Makes the Saints Steadfast—Cause of Apostasy—Duty of the Saints by Erastus Snow (68-73)
  11. Self-Existent Truths—"The Poor Have the Gospel Preached to Them"—Repentance—Faith—"The Doctrine of Baptisms"—The "Laying on of Hands"—Too Strong a Doctrine to Be Endured—The Conflict in Which the Saints Are Engaged—Temples and Their Uses—Salvation for the Dead by John Morgan (74-83)
  12. Object of Assembling—A Peculiar People—Saints Misrepresented in All Ages—Statistics—Opposition Expected—Plural Marriage—Early Persecution—"Twin Relics"—Why the Saints Gather to Zion by John Taylor (84-96)
  13. Divine Mission of Joseph Smith—Prediction and Promise Fulfilled—Many Others Will Yet Be Verified—the World's Hatred of the Saints—Indisputable Evidence of the Divine Origin of the Church—No Power Can Destroy It—Missionaries Should Go to the Fields to Which They Are Called—the Effects of Obedience and Its Opposite by Joseph F. Smith (97-101)
  14. Conspicuous Position of the Saints—Early Persecutions—Historical Facts that Ought to Be Published in Book Form—Anomalous Treatment of Utah—Governor Young's Policy and that of His Successors Different—Isaiah's Prophecy Fulfilled—The Edmunds Law—The Saints Will Yet Conquer—The Real Object of Attack—The Result Predicted by Erastus Snow (101-112)
  15. Hatred Towards Saints—Its Cause—Hope of the Saints—Constitutional Rights—Loyal Intentions by Moses Thatcher (113-116)
  16. Uniting of Temporal Interests—Not An Obsolete Principle—Improvements Among the Saints—Need of Being More Self-Sustaining—Works to Be Accomplished by Brigham Young (117-119)
  17. Predictions in the Book of Mormon—Evidence of Its Divinity—Proof that Joseph Smith Was Inspired—Predictions Concerning the Indians Fulfilled—Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon Foretold—Plainness of Its Teachings—Prediction Relating to Sidney Rigdon—Only Two Churches—Other Prophecies Being Fulfilled by George Q. Cannon (119-129)
  18. Joseph Smith's Mission—Necessity for Such a Mission—Evidences of Apostasy—Restoration of the Gospel and Establishment of the Kingdom of God—Hatred and Persecution Accorded to Joseph Smith, An Evidence of His Divine Calling—Further Proof of Inspiration by B. H. Roberts (130-143)
  19. A Church of Order—The Lord's Promises Sure—People Prepared By Dreams and Visions to Receive the Elders—Gifts Received and Others Yet to Be Received—Blessings to Be Obtained By Faith—Great Promises by Orson Pratt (144-148)
  20. Kind of God the Saints Believe In—Skepticism in the World—Miracles not Due to a Suspension of Law—Results of Faith Exercised By the Saints—Providence in Their Favor—Ideas As to the Form and Attributes of Heavenly Beings—How Joseph Smith Obtained His Knowledge—What Our Faith Has Cost by George Q. Cannon (148-160)
  21. Temples—Requirements Made of Those Who Seek to Enter Temples—A Woman States Her Case to President Taylor, in Which Arises Some Singular and Serious Questions—The Saints Ought to Be Progressing—They Should Seek to Do the Will of God—Duties of Presiding Officers—Evil Doers Should Be Brought to Account and Dealt With—God is Merciful—the Celestial Kingdom by John Taylor (160-166)
  22. The Logan Temple—Circumstances Under Which the Nauvoo Temple Was Built—Faith Required for Such a Work—Retrospective View—Admission of a Congressman—Completeness of the Gospel not Due to Man's Wisdom—Remarkable Characteristic of Many Early Members of the Church—Salvation for the Dead by George Q. Cannon (166-176)
  23. Manifestations to Be Looked For—Some Already Received—Many Things Known Which Can not Be Told Yet—The World Required of the Saints—Other and More Splendid Temples to Be Built—Persons Required to Labor in the Temples—Kind of Men Wanted to Go Upon Missions—Self-Denial Required—Blessings in Store for the Faithful by John Taylor (176-188)
  24. Visit to Arizona and New Mexico—Condition of the Settlements—Our Enemies—The "Obnoxious Doctrine"—Things Pertaining to Conscience—The Saints Striving to, Live Their Religion—Prosperity on Every Hand—Persecution—Temples—The Load the Saints Are Carrying—Conclusion by Brigham Young, Jr. (189-193)
  25. How Judgment Should Be Formed—Effects of the Gospel Wherein is the Efficacy of Baptism—Who Are Benefitted By It—Persecutions Endured By the Saints—Effects of Persecution by Erastus Snow (194-201)
  26. Missionary Labors Reviewed—Testimony Gained—Predictions Fulfilled—Condition of the World—Prospects of the Swiss and German Mission—Class of Men Selected By the Lord for His Work—Restoration of the Gospel—The Priesthood Necessary—How It Was Restored—Ancient Prophecies Concerning the Latter-Day Work—Why the Saints Are Hated—Persecution Predicted—Political Aspect—Revelation Necessary—Distinction Between the Holy Ghost and the Spirit Given to Every Man—True Education—How Joseph Smith and Orson Pratt Obtained Theirs—How Abraham and Moses Were Taught—Action of Congress Considered by John Q. Cannon, Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor (202-206)
  27. Religious Liberty Guaranteed By the Constitution—Not Mere Freedom of Belief—Where the Line Should Be Drawn Natural Rights Must Be Protected—Danger of Special Legislation—Object of the Gathering of the Saints—Establishment of God's Kingdom—Literal Fulfillment of Prophecy—Restoration of the Christian Church—Authority of the Priesthood—Lack of Divine Authority—Proofs of the Divine Mission of the Latter-Day Saints—Plural Marriage a Religious Institution—A Bible Doctrine—Constitutional Right to Practice It by Charles W. Penrose (218-230)
  28. Temples the Gates of Heaven—Feelings and Reflections—Around in the Temple—The Work Before the Saints—Sayings of the Savior As to Marriage in the Resurrection Explained—Glorious Hopes Inspired By the Gospel—Enoch and His City—The Three Nephites and John by F. D. Richards (230-237)
  29. The Saints Will Triumph Through Faithfulness—Warfare of Satan to Continue—Joseph's Predictions that the Government Would Be Arrayed Against the Saints, Fulfilled—Internal Strife to Dismember the Government—God the Friend of His People by George Q. Cannon (238-244)
  30. The Object of Co-Operation—It is Right to Sustain One's Friend—Economy Should Be Observed By All—Our Friends Are They Who Aid Us in Time of Need—Keep the Sabbath Day Holy by Joseph F. Smith (244-252)
  31. But One Church of God—Wherein the Saints Are a Peculiar People—Church and State Rule—Religion Should Be No Bar to Political Office—Political Doings Elsewhere—Poverty in the East—Fear of Riots—Labor Question—Trades, Etc., for Young People—Storing of Grain—Troubles Coming—Fortunate Situation of the Saints—Exhortation by George Q. Cannon (252-260)
  32. Why We Gather—Difference Between the Latter-Day Saints and the World—Organization of the Church in Former Days—Condition of the World Previous to the Restoration of the Gospel—The Reformers and the Work They Performed—All Men Enjoy a Portion of the Spirit of God—The Jews—The Gospel Must Be Preached—Organization of New Stakes—Missionaries' Families to Be Provided for Building Homes and Beautifying Them—The Destiny of Zion by John Taylor (261-267)
  33. A Peculiar Work—Truth Opposed in All Ages—True Religion Never Persecutes Its Opponents—What the Truth Has Cost—With God on Our Side Victory is Sure—Saints Obligated to Spread the Gospel—Forbearance Commanded—A Temple-Building People—Feeling Manifested Towards the Saints—Civil Strife Coming by George Q. Cannon (268-275)
  34. Respect to the Dead—Consolation to the Bereaved—Instruction to the Saints—Resignation to the Will of the Almighty—Pity for the Murderers—Condemnation Awaiting Them at the Hands of a Just God—Retribution to Be Left for Him to Mete Out by George Q. Cannon, Moses Thatcher, George F. Gibbs, John Taylor (275-288)
  35. The Priesthood—The Future Glory in Store for All Those Who Receive and Magnify the Priesthood—Without the Priesthood "No Man Can See the Face of God, Even the Father and Live"—Moses and the Children of Israel by George Q. Cannon (288-295)
  36. Attitude of Our Enemies Towards the Latter-Day Saints—Their Hatred of the Priesthood—The Blessings Received Through the Priesthood by George Q. Cannon (295-298)
  37. The Power of God Manifested in the Gathering of the Saints—Purposes of the Gathering—Satan's Antagonism to the Work of God by George Q. Cannon (298-302)
  38. Design of God in Relation to the Earth and Its Inhabitants—Power of Satan—The Two Zions—What is Required of the Saints—A Priesthood in the Heavens, As Well As on the Earth—Duties of the Priesthood—Would-Be Advisers Celestial Marriage—Distinction Between Polygamy and Prostitution—Government Officers Discriminating in Favor of the Latter—Unchastity, not to Be Tolerated in the Church—Charity Advised—Class of People Who Accuse the Saints of Crime—Criminal Statistics—Horrifying Statements of Crime in the Eastern States—Warning to the Saints by John Taylor (303-317)
  39. The Fulfillment of Ancient and Modern Prophecy—God the Friend of the Saints—Persons Guilty of Adultery Having Had Their Endowments Cannot Again Be Baptized by George Q. Cannon (318-328)
  40. Privilege to Meet to Worship God—This Church Ordained of God—All Other Churches and Societies the Work of Man—Human Institutions of Every Kind Will Pass Away—Only that Which God Sets Up Will Endure—The Ancient Christian Church—the Apostate Church of Rome—The Various Man-Made Creeds—Lack of Divine Authority—The True Church Restored—Religion in Politics—God's Right to Control in All Things—The Agency of Man and the Authority of God—Abiding in the Lord's Covenant Even Unto Death—No Compromise With the Wicked—The Spirit of Abel and that of Cain— The Blessings that Come Through Obedience and Fidelity by Charles W. Penrose (329-340)
  41. The Gathering—The Lord Will Punish the Wicked—Polygamy and Prostitution—Statistics of Crime Committed By Mormons and Non-Mormons The Wickedness of the New England States—The Debased Position of U. S. Officials As Exhibited in the Courts of Utah by John Taylor (341-359)
  42. The Law of Marriage in Ancient Israel—Its Application to Us— The Latter-Day Saints Distinct From the Rest of the World—Evils Resulting From Marriages Between the Saints and Those not of Our Faith by George Q. Cannon (360-371)
  43. Blessings Follow Certain Ordinances by F. D. Richards (371-376)