Mormonism and science/Determining truth

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Mormonism and the determination of truth

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The compatibility of Mormonism and science

Summary: Secular critics charge that Mormonism and science are incompatible, and that any Latter-day Saint who actually believes is "intellectually dishonest." In reality, however, Latter-day Saints in many ways have a more liberal view of science than some of their Christian brethren. We believe that God operates according to certain laws. If there are things that God can do which seem to contradict what we know through current science, we assume that there are scientific laws that are beyond our current understanding.

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The determination of truth through the "burning in the bosom"

Summary: Critics are known to mockingly refer to the LDS imagery of a "burning in the bosom." While the phrase is used in the LDS community to express the intense feelings of receiving spiritual witnesses, some claim it is simply the result of an electro-chemical process that occurs in the brain.

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