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FARMS Review Volume 18 — Editor's templates

Issue 1 (2006)

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{{FR-18-1-1}} Louis Midgley, "Editor's Introduction: Knowing Brother Joseph Again," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): xi–lxxiv. [{{{url}}} off-site] wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-2}} Thomas W. Draper and Lindsey Kenny, "Book of Mormon Parenting, Review of The Book of Mormon: A Pattern for Parenting by Geri Brinley," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 1–2. / off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-3}} David E. Bokovoy, "The Bible vs. the Book of Mormon: Still Losing the Battle: Review of The Bible vs. the Book of Mormon by Joel P. Kramer and Scott R. Johnson," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 3–19. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-4}} Shirley S. Ricks, "The Book of Mormon Abridged Anew; Review of The Book of Mormon: Selections Annotated and Explained by Jana Riess," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 21–33. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-5}} Mark Ashurst-McGee, "Moroni as Angel and as Treasure Guardian," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 34–100. [{{{url}}} off-site] wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-6}} John M. Butler, "Addressing Questions surrounding the Book of Mormon and DNA Research," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 101–108. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-7}} David G. Stewart, Jr., "DNA and the Book of Mormon," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 109–138. off-site wiki FairMormon link edit
{{FR-18-1-8}} John S. Welch, "Keep the Old Wine in Old Wineskins: The Pleasing (Not Pleading) Bar of God," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 139–147. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-9}} Daniel C. Peterson, "Authority in the Book of Mosiah," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 149–185. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-10}} Royal Skousen, "Conjectural Emendation in the Book of Mormon," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 187–231. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-11}} Michael D. Jibson, "Imagine: Review of The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason by Sam Harris," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 233–264. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-12}} Ted Vaggalis, "The Gospel and the Captive Woman, Review of The Theological Foundations of the Mormon Religion by Sterling M. McMurrin," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 265–290. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-13}} Richard Sherlock, "Blake Ostler's Mormon Theology, Review of Exploring Mormon Thought: The Attributes of God by Blake T. Ostler," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 291–305. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-14}} Frank B. Salisbury, "The Church and Evolution: A Brief History of Official Statements, Review of Mormonism and Evolution: The Authoritative LDS Statements by William E. Evenson and Duane E. Jeffery," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 307–311. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-15}} Frank B. Salisbury, "Creation by Evolution? Review of Evolution and Mormonism: A Quest for Understanding by Trent D. Stephens," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 313–319. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-16}} Larry E. Morris, "Joseph Smith and "Interpretive Biography", review of Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet by Dan Vogel," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 321–374. [{{{url}}} off-site] wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-17}} Paul Y. Hoskisson, "Aaron's Golden Calf," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 375–387. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-18}} Daniel C. Peterson, "Mormonism as a Restoration," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 390–417. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-19}} Brian M. Hauglid, ""Look unto Abraham Your Father"; Review of The Blessings of Abraham: Becoming a Zion People by E. Douglas Clark," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 419–423. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-20}} John Gee, "The Old Testament as Reliable History, Review of On the Reliability of the Old Testament by Kenneth A. Kitchen," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 425–430. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-21}} Stephen D. Ricks, "Dexiosis and Dextrarum Iunctio: The Sacred Handclasp in the Classical and Early Christian World," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 431–436. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-1-22}} Anonymous, "Book Notes," FARMS Review 18/1 (2006): 437–441. off-site wiki edit

Issue 2 (2006)

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{{FR-18-2-1}} Daniel C. Peterson, "Editor's Introduction—The Witchcraft Paradigm: On Claims to ‘Second Sight’ by People Who Say It Doesn't Exist," FARMS Review 18/2 (2006): ix–lxiv. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-2-2}} Robert R. Bennett, "Science vs. Mormonism: The Dangers of Dogmatism and Sloppy Reading, Review of Farewell to Eden: Coming to Terms with Mormonism and Science by Duwayne R. Anderson," FARMS Review 18/2 (2006): 1–43. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-2-3}} Richard Sherlock, "Mormonism and Intelligent Design," FARMS Review 18/2 (2006): 45–81. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-2-4}} David L. Paulsen and Cory G. Walker, "Work, Worship, and Grace: Review of The Mormon Culture of Salvation: Force, Grace and Glory by Douglas J. Davies," FARMS Review 18/2 (2006): 83–177. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-2-5}} Kevin L. Barney, "The Foundation of Our Religion, Review of Opening the Heavens: Accounts of Divine Manifestations. 1820–1844 by John W. Welch and Erick B. Carlson," FARMS Review 18/2 (2006): 179–187. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-2-6}} Louis Midgley, "Orders of Submission: Review of "Essays on Mormonism," Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 9/2 (Summer 2005): 1–81.," FARMS Review 18/2 (2006): 189–228. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-2-7}} Kerry Muhlestein, "Approaching Understandings in the Book of Abraham, Review of Astronomy, Papyrus, and Covenant by John Gee and Brian M. Hauglid," FARMS Review 18/2 (2006): 229–246. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-2-8}} Anonymous, "Book Notes," FARMS Review 18/2 (2006): 247–256. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-18-2-9}} Anonymous, "About the Contributors," FARMS Review 18/2 (2006): 257–258. off-site wiki edit